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Company fact sheet:

Corporate Name:
The Ohio Willow Wood Company

WillowWood, located in Mt. Sterling, Ohio, is an industry leader in the design, manufacturing and distribution of prosthetic products, including the Alpha® family of liners, the Fusion™ foot and the OMEGA® CAD system.

Key Company Officers:
President: Ryan Arbogast
Vice President: Robert E. Arbogast

Areas of Specialty:
Lower extremity prosthetic products
CAD/CAM for the prosthetic and orthotic industry
Custom fabrication of prosthetics

Key Product Lines:
Alpha® Liners – thermoplastic elastomer liners that go directly against a residual limb. A liner protects the residual limb from shear forces and abrasion experienced in a prostethic socket.

LimbLogic® – the first remote-control, waterproof electronic vacuum suspension system. The system provides amputees secure vacuum suspension without worry about environmental elements.

OMEGA® CAD system – Powerful CAD software that clinicians can use to manipulate 3D images of residual limbs or orthotic shapes via a laser scanner to create prosthetic and orthotic devices.

Brief Company History:
The Ohio Willow Wood Company was founded in 1907 and has served the prosthetic and orthotic industry for over 100 years. Our company founder, William E. Arbogast, personally experienced the difficulties an amputee faced in the early 1900s...poorly-fitting, uncomfortable, and unreliable prosthetic products. After just two years of becoming a bilateral amputee due to a railroad accident, William founded The Ohio Willow Wood Company making it easier for prosthetists to obtain quality materials for their patients.

Headquartered in Mt. Sterling, Ohio, the company has become a global leader in designing and manufacturing lower limb prosthetic components, and is dedicated to providing the best prosthetic solutions possible for amputees. In addition to traditional manufacturing, WillowWood also develops CAD software and equipment for the orthotic and prosthetic community.

While many aspects of WillowWood have evolved and changed over the years, the company’s commitment to the orthotic and prosthetic industry remains constant. Today, the third and fourth generations of Arbogasts are active in the daily operations of WillowWood. The business challenges have changed...insurance, reimbursement requirements, licensure, and the realization of a world market...but we remain strong. From the beginning, the Arbogast family and WillowWood have been active forces in the prosthetic and orthotic industry. Helping amputees live full active lives is in their hearts and minds. It is why WillowWood stands by its promise to free the bodies and the spirits of amputees every day.