OMEGA Software

We've given our premier CAD software a complete update for orthotists and prosthetists. While previous versions were structurally focused around shapes and files, the latest version of OMEGA is patient-centered in its organization. The software’s initial screen allows clinicians to easily locate patient files and then see a complete history for a patient as it pertains to OMEGA.

The ‘work space’ in OMEGA is composed of three sections:

Shapes may be imported from OMEGA v12, scanned by the OMEGA Scanner 3D, or scanned using the OMEGA Strucure Sensor and OMEGA Scan app. Clinicians can align orthotic & prosthetic shapes using a revamped alignment screen which provides three viewpoints from which to work. From then on, a clinician may customize the order of the program’s modification tools to their preferred workflow order in order to increase efficiency.



Product Highlights:
  • Completely redesigned software
  • Retains focus on needs of the O&P professional
  • Easy to navigate & manage patient files
  • Customize modification tools display & workflow